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Uncategorized | November 17, 2018

Teammates Among Your MSP Business May Be Afraid; Know Why

Your MSP business needs to get internal feedback if there is going to be any kind of effective operation. You’re never going to function at 100% efficiency, but you can continuously approach perfection until the difference is minimal.

Doing that requires a mode of internal improvement–an organic filter, if you will, which separates out bad practices. Employees are intrinsic in such efforts. But if you don’t enable them to speak up, they’ll be afraid to. Following are a few things you can do to change employee perception, making it so they’re not afraid to speak up when they need to:

No One Asks for The Truth, They Ask for What They Want to Hear

Your MSP business often won’t get the truth because management never asks for it. If this sounds confusing, consider that there’s a big difference between asking for something you want to hear and the truth itself. Professional ethics often keeps people from being as honest as they would be, as they fear such honesty will induce recrimination.


Ensure You Always Respond with All Professional Swiftness

When you don’t respond quickly, employees who have sent a message think you’ve received it, didn’t like it, and are avoiding a direct response. They get nervous as a result and are less likely to send such messages in the future. Avoid being undermined in this way by being quick in terms of response times.


Casualties of the Messenger Variety; Avoid Them

Don’t shoot the messenger; the bad news he brings isn’t his doing! If an employee brings you a bad report that they’re not responsible for, don’t punish them for somebody else’s mistakes. Rather, thank them, and address the issue.


Enabling Employee Honesty

MSP business managers who ask for the truth, respond quickly, and value messengers will initiate more open communication.

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