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MSP Marketing | November 13, 2018

MSP Marketing: Common Website Design Errors to Avoid

You have to take a renewable MSP marketing approach. If you designed a website in 1999 and failed to update it, nobody uses it today. It’s anachronistic and quaint. Except as a joke, it’ll be ignored. 

You’ve got to upgrade not just to match trends, but additionally to expand visibility–new programming techniques make modern websites more intuitive than ever and available on more than just desktop access portals. 

Following are several common mistakes which you should likely take into consideration as a small business in pertinence to your website’s design: 


Too Much Clutter 

An MSP marketing campaign needs to be informative, but it should refrain from cluttering things up. You want information formatted such that it’s easy to navigate and doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Flashing GIFs, neon color schemes, video boxes, advertisements, and the like can all prove too busy, too cluttered. Be a bit Spartan. Be a bit minimalist in design. You want simple, accessible professionalism to be communicated.  


Navigation Which Isn’t Intuitive 

Navigation should be something which is subconsciously simple to pick up. It shouldn’t be something that requires skill or practice. Economize the space of your site and make the necessary information easy to find.  


Forgetting Cross-Platform Design  

Tablets, smartphones, smart refrigerators, smart cars–everything is “smart” these days owing to IoT (Internet of Things) technology. If you’re going to be a contender, you’ve got to ensure that the way in which your site is designed doesn’t preclude cross-platform access. The more able diverse platforms are to access your site, the better–within reason, of course. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars making your website immediately accessible to a smart fridge; but if you’ve got the budget and clientele, you might not rule it out! 


Quality Websites  

Your MSP marketing campaign should lead prospects to your website. That website has got to look good, be uncluttered, navigable, and able to be accessed on multiple platforms. Consider how yours is now and optimize as necessary.  

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