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MSP Company | November 2, 2018

Modern Leadership Trends an MSP Company Should Consider

A given MSP company is on the cutting edge of social change and this has been the case since information innovation solutions like computers became core to the industry. Accordingly, new trends in things like management and leadership often emanate from tech companies and reverberate through society. 

Today’s millennial workforce has many negative aspects— but many positive ones as well— and modern leadership must take such realities into consideration. Following are three ways these changes are coming to define MSP leadership: 


Unorthodox Innovations: Think BYOD 

Your MSP company will contend with that which is unorthodox in terms of tech and leadership. The two have combined. Consider Bring Your Own Device and the double-DaaS (Device as a Service/Desktop as a Service). 

In combination with task-based work, you could have a dozen employees working for you that you never meet. That’s an unorthodox innovation you’ll need to account for as a leader. But just because you don’t meet them doesn’t mean you can’t stay in contact. Call. Text. Email. Retain a connection and consider implications of long-term remote operations like these. 


Servile Leadership 

Increasing individualization of tasks leads to a situation where leadership often acts in a facilitating way, rather than an order-barking one. What this means is that, essentially, situations today are initiating a more servile approach— that is to say, a servant-like leadership. This won’t be the case for all MSPs, but it will be the case for some. 


Diversity Quotients  

A Google employee was fired for a memo on diversity. Politics have transcended logical operational requirements in some scenarios. This requires strategic maneuvering to contend with from the top-down and the bottom-up. Determine your best position, and plan accordingly. 

Your MSP company needs to be cognizant of the times, as they change what is or is not considered appropriate in terms of leadership. You want to be on the cutting edge both for competitive, sustainable operations, and to help get ahead of negative trends which are otherwise incidentally influential. 

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