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Managed Services Marketing | November 30, 2018

Managed Services Marketing Utilizing Personalized Data Techniques: An Effective Method

Managed services marketing has data available today which can serve to expand relationship-building among prospects, as well as existing clients. Data increases the effectiveness of varying tactics, and as technology expands with the cloud, IoT, and decentralized internet paradigms, more data becomes available from which to manage client relationships. Here are ways to maximize relationships and data among prospective and existing clients: 


Organize Information into a Database That’s Easy to Use 

Your managed services marketing campaign should proceed from an informed beginning. From there, you need to accrue data on prospects, as well as clients. The information you get needs to be easily searchable. The easier it is to consult, the more fluidly you can interact with clients, giving the illusion your MSP is continuously considering that business and always improving how said business is served. 


Keep Records of All Prospects and Client Interactions 

Instances you call someone or email them and what information is exchanged during such interactions should be included on your database. Records should include sales and marketing notes that pertain to otherwise intangible elements of the vendor-client relationship.  


Ensure Your Team is on the Same Page, Then Report, Examine, and Grow 

Get everyone organized under the same game plan regarding new and existing clients. Ensure marketers are in the habit of comprehensively reporting on client interactions. Continue this process, examine the data, and apply what you learn from that data going forward. This will initiate growth, as you more effectively interact with clientele, building relationships from the available information. 


Effectively Managed Clientele 

For your managed services marketing, you need to keep everyone aligned toward the same goals, initiate reporting from clear records that are regularly updated, learn from the information you’ve put together, and apply that learning to more effective relationship management of clientele. Whatever information you can get, record it, and categorize it.  

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