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IT Marketing | November 13, 2018

Making a Quick, Effective IT Marketing Pitch

Your IT marketing campaign must contend with prospects that are busy and value personal time highly. Technology has further fractured attention spans such that Time magazine felt like printing an article likening human attention spans to something below the ability of goldfish was accurate.

Well, brevity is the soul of wit, and you must respect that in outbound marketing. Following are ways to condense and render effective your pitches such that prospects are interested in hearing you out, and perhaps even converting:

Winging It Is Only for Exceptionally-Skilled Closers

IT marketing pitches can be “winged”–delivered off of the cuff. But you should not, unless you’ve got the highest closure rate of the team. It’s like music, stand-up comedy, boxing, hockey, or painting. Unless you’ve done it long enough, and successfully enough, winging it will undermine you. Avoid winging it. Know what you’re going to say, how to say it, and who you’re going to say it to.


Vagueness Is a Cardinal Sin in Pitches

Specific numbers related to specific clients are key. Specific costs, specific results, specific timeframes, specific case studies, and specific reviews–these things can sell your client. Check out this pitch: “We can save you over $100k a year, and have done so for 80 percent of similarly-situated clients through cloud computing and managed services reducing downtime, breaches, security issues, and employee error.” That’s a considerable pitch–an example, not a real one. But structure yours accordingly.


Remember the Value of Practice

Once you’ve got the facts necessary for the most effective pitch put into order, your next step is practicing the pitch. Do it in the mirror. Memorize it. Try it on coworkers, friends, and family. Learn how to do the pitch while riding a bike or jogging. Practice.


Successful Pitches

An IT marketing campaign informed by prepared, practiced, specific pitches has a higher likelihood of converting target prospects. Consider existing pitches, enhance them; there’s always room for improvement.

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