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MSP Business | November 2, 2018

Establishing a Strong, Unique MSP Business Culture

Your MSP business must maintain originality in output, and that means your core must itself be unique. You’ve got to have your own corporate culture. It certainly makes sense to take cues from other successful businesses that have a culture which matches that which is central to your operation. But you should only take cues; don’t be a copycat.

Your MSP is different than their business, and there are aspects of corporate culture which are just too costly for you to absorb as an MSP. With these things in mind, following are several tips to help you establish a strong, unique corporate culture that is yet informed by industry trends:


Functionality, Diversity, and What Fits

Your MSP business must make functionality and what fits something which transcends diversity. However, diversity is something which is eminently worth considering in modernity. You should never hire strictly for diversity. A hobo is diverse from a businessman, it doesn’t mean you hire them to your MSP. Diversity in and of itself isn’t good or bad; it’s just different. Now differences in proper balance will strengthen an organization. But if you just lump them all together into a jumble of parts that don’t fit, you’ll undermine yourself. Have diversity, but ensure it is functional and it fits.


Facilitate Expanded Transparency

Your operation must have the greatest possible transparency. Certainly, some cards must be held close to your chest, but these will be in the minority. Be transparent locally, and as operations transcend the shadow of local operations. Work with teams directly and be as straightforward as possible. A company culture established from this standpoint can be effective.


Optimized Delegation

Your corporate culture should involve delegation considerations which are strategic and prioritize certain activities over others. Not all company needs are created equal; delegate appropriately.


Unique Operations

An MSP business that optimizes delegation, expands transparency and institutes strategic diversity is set up to establish a unique corporate culture which is ultimately conducive to operations.

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