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MSP Business | November 2, 2018

Ensuring Your MSP Business Retains Top Employees

Ironically, an MSP business has more important assets than the technology it manages. Because technology continuously transitions, its value drops off steeply and quickly. 

A vehicle built in 1999 may go for a tenth of its price today. A computer built in 1999 is essentially garbage— unless you’re making a period-piece film or something similar. But a manager, an engineer, a programmer, or a seller in your MSP could be with you from the time your doors open, until either your company dissolves or that individual dies. 

Accordingly, focus must be on professional, talented individuals in terms of hiring— these will be your most important assets in the long-run. Following are three techniques to help you retain the best employees: 


Make Leadership Personal 

An MSP business is historically unlikely to have sociability define its team members. Still, this is important, and as a leader, you’ve got an opportunity. Be personal with employees. Build a relationship. They should be friends, colleagues, coworkers, and team members— not just statistics, staff, or employees. Get the right attitude, and it will be reciprocated, facilitating reduced turnover. 


Facilitate Choice-Driven Career Paths 

People want to choose, and they need to have something worth choosing. You want employees to stay, give them a reason through a career path to increasing monetary excellence which features multiple choices as viable. 


Ensure All Communications are Clear 

One of the biggest issues you will have with employees is communication. Team member “A” thinks that manager “B” meant solution “C”, when he really just wanted to “see” something work differently. 

Communication must be clear, and you want team members to repeat things back to you on occasion. Be open and transparent, and ensure employees feel comfortable asking for clarification should that be necessary. 

There are many more things your MSP business can do to protect its most valuable assets in terms of manpower. Personal, choice-driven, communicative leadership will facilitate desirable working conditions, which are conducive to longevity in employees.

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