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MSP Business | October 1, 2018

Using Employee Referral to Ensure Your MSP Business Gets the Best Employees

An MSP business that works with employees to acquire candidates will experience a number of advantages which make the employee acquisition process less complicated and more effective. Several of those advantages include:

  • Pre-screening
  • Hardworking new hires
  • Workplace environment boost



Your MSP business will have difficulty pre-screening candidates. However, if you’ve got employees who know people that are in the ballpark of your industry, then you’ve got some considerable options on your hands. Employees aren’t going to recommend people they, themselves, would rather not work with. Additionally, they’re going to understand what the job means from the perspective of an employee, and so they’ll know more accurately who best fits the bill.


Hardworking New Hires

New hires brought on through an acquaintance giving a hiring manager a tip are likely to find out this happened. That means, if they take the job, they’ll have both their own reputation, and that of their friend, to uphold. Additionally, when someone is scouted through good words given to a hiring person from another, that puts personal honor on the line. The thinking goes something like this: “Somebody wanted me… me, specifically? Well, I’d better do a good job!” Granted, this doesn’t describe all people in all similarly-aligned situations, but it does describe the vast majority, and so constitutes a prime advantage of employee recommendations informing your hiring procedures.


Workplace Environment Boost

When employees can help you in the design of your team, it’s sort of like building a club of like-minded individuals. Professionals who know professionals link technology experts together, and so the professionalism of your business compounds, and in a natural way reduces the difficulty of hiring the right people. In a phrase, you’re working smarter rather than harder.


Increase Candidate Acquisition Effectiveness

An MSP business that works with internal employees to source new hires will acquire pre-screened, hardworking, professionally-engaged individuals. There are always unexpected happenstances in life, but the point is, capitalizing on internal knowledge of your team can really end up paying off for tech businesses.

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