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MSP Sales | October 10, 2018

Productivity Strategies for Your MSP Sales

Your MSP sales strategy needs to cut off all the fat. There are a lot of things which may be unnecessary, and there are likely actions you’ve neglected to take that you should. A good way to ensure you’re always at your best is to design outreach operations with built-in productivity strategies. Consider this threefold approach:

Motivation Manufacturing

Your MSP sales are going to be better if motivated sellers make up your team. Motivation can’t be forced, but it can be facilitated. Incentives help, so do commissions, so does recognition, so does training. Additionally, if you’ve got a marketing department managed professionally through, say, an SEO agency specializing in MSPs, you’ll increase your capture of actionable leads. The more you can do to make motivation a natural, easy process for your sellers, the better they’ll sell. So, manufacture motivation by giving sellers tools they need to succeed and rewarding them when they hit the right numbers.


Close Time Management

Time management is key. You don’t want your sellers going around in circles on the phone with a non-starter. Part of time management will involve designing selling strategies that help weed out unproductive leads. Additionally, you’ll want to have strategic “breaks” and you’ll want to give sellers enough material to occupy their time. That is to say: some leads may take a personalized email, a text message, a luncheon, a few phone calls, and directed proposals which take into account idiosyncratic needs. You simultaneously have to give sellers enough time and ensure they don’t waste time. There’s a balance to achieve.


In-The-Zone Facilitation

In sales, there is a sort of “in-the-zone” quality which comes when a seller is having a “good” day. To a degree, you can facilitate this. If you help make time management effective and facilitate motivation naturally, you’re more likely to keep sellers “in-the-zone”.

MSP sales will naturally transpire when sellers are in the zone, naturally motivated, and skilled in time management. Consider existing strategies and where augmentation may be appropriate.

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