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Managed Services Marketing | October 10, 2018

Managed Services Marketing: Why You Should Provide Proactive Customer Service

You need to have more than simply static outreach in your managed services marketing. It’s integral that you additionally have plans in place which allow for proactive support in terms of customer service. 


Marketing doesn’t stop when you convert a client; it continues through the way in which you serve that client going forward. Customer service is a big part of that, and several benefits of proactive customer service include:  


  • Acquisition of new Clientele
  • Retention of star clients
  • Escalation prevention


Acquisition of New Clientele 


Your managed services marketing will be recommended organically if service is worthy of such a thing. When you fix a problem quickly, or even before a client realized they had it, that’s impressive. They’re likely to convey that information to peers in the field. 


Retention of Star Clients 


Your best clients will stumble into situations where they need something from you quickly, and perhaps not in line with their normal interactions with your business. If you’ve got proactive customer service, you’re going to save them time and hassle and make them feel valued. You want existing clients to feel valued. Don’t make the mistake of converting them and then forgetting about them, as many tech companies do. Automation can only be applied to machines; human beings will always be idiosyncratic. Proactive customer service is informed by this realization. 


Escalation Prevention 


When you’re proactive about customer service, you can nip problems in the bud. Sometimes, an upgrade is necessary owing to natural technological expansion, and clients may forget about it and not have such upgrades included in their service package with you. Reach out! If they don’t convert, when they come against the wall that you’ve foreseen, they’ll remember you warned them, and so when they contact you for help, it will be in a subtly penitent way. 



Bettering Your MSP 


A managed services marketing campaign which has proactive customer service will reduce escalations, retain your best clients, and acquire new ones. Avoiding proactive customer service can incidentally undermine you, so adjust your operations accordingly! 

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