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IT Marketing | October 10, 2018

IT Marketing Tips to Round Out Your B2B Game

Your IT marketing must optimize. Technology is always in flux, new things are always available, and new ways of using new technology to meet new relevant demographics must be employed. Still, there are basic ways you can buff up your interface in terms of client conversion through a few simple tactics which hold firm even as new developments arise. Especially when you’re dealing with other businesses, you need techniques which transcend trend. Several include: 


  • Tell Stories, and Be a Master At It
  • Harness the Power of Your Employees
  • Ensure Marketing and Sales Are in Alignment


Tell Stories, and Be a Master At It 

Your IT marketing must communicate value. A great way to do that is to allow B2B clients the opportunity to willingly put themselves in the shoes of clients whom you’ve benefited. You can do this organically through storytelling with a business as a protagonist, and cost paradigms which match your prospect. I.e., you tell a story about, say, a school district who adopted your managed services and how they benefited. Now tell that story to another school district client you’re courting. They’ll have similar numbers and will immediately be able to see your value. 


Harness the Power of Your Employees 

Employees have social media profiles. Additionally, they’ve got a stake in your business. Work with them to establish B2B networks with vendors and the like. Not using employee connections in sales is leaving money on the table. Sweeten the pot through incentives if you like.  


Ensure Marketing and Sales Are in Alignment 

If marketing is saying thing sales can’t deliver, or sales operate using different price points than are being presented to B2B clients, you’re going to scare off prospects. If it’s immediately apparent communication isn’t going on, or isn’t efficient, they’ll expect you to drop the ball on their company, and for professional reasons, they will likely seek the auspices of another MSP. 


Targeted Outreach 

Optimize your IT marketing outreach strategically. Telling stories, using employees, and aligning operations will always make sense even as technology transitions. 

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