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MSP Company | September 12, 2018

Your MSP Company Should Lead People, Not Manage Assets

Your MSP company will have more success as a business if you focus on leading people rather than managing human resources. If you’re going to lead people, you’ve got to treat them how you yourself would be treated. People will cooperate with leaders that value them. Several tips to help you be a leader, rather than a manager, involve:   


  • The value of higher purpose
  • Holographic feedback
  • Behavior incentives


The Value of Higher Purpose 

Your MSP company isn’t just a vehicle through which you provide yourself profit; it’s actually a core component of your local community. As your clients do well, they need more tech, building your company and giving you the potentiality of becoming an industry tech leader. What your MSP does will change the world; you may get big enough to quantify as much, statistically. There’s a higher purpose to working for an organization that’s positively impacting the world. Your business will be more effective if it establishes as corporate culture exposition and evangelism of a higher purpose.   


Holographic Feedback 

Don’t just take the negative report of one employee because they happen to have higher authority than the individual they dislike. A hologram contains data such that an entire image can yet be recreated if one segment is destroyed. Holographic feedback from your entire team, as acquirable in an efficient way, gives you a better picture pertaining to leadership strategies.   


Behavior Incentives 

If you do well, you like to be recognized. People you lead feel the same. For attendance, excellence, innovation and the like, you should have recognition programs in place providing incentives monetarily in terms of benefits or whatever conforms to your budget. 


A Place Where People Want to Work 

An MSP company that communicates higher purpose, provides comprehensive feedback and facilitates incentives for good behavior will likely be somewhere people want to work. Find ways to make your business one where employees want to come, and you’ll likely see notable collateral benefits.  

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