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MSP Business | September 10, 2018

Tips to Help Your MSP Business Acquire the Best Candidates

Your MSP business is in a market that gives qualified candidates a high degree of choice. The value they bring to you may be greater than the value you bring to them. In order to diminish the time necessary in converting such candidates, you want to be strategic, and refine the induction process for greatest effectiveness. Several tactics that help you do this include: 


  • Ensure postings for positions are clear
  • Compensation must be competitive
  • Make the hiring process less complex


Ensure Postings for Positions are Clear 

Your MSP business shouldn’t be vague in postings. When you’re vague, the most qualified candidates gloss over postings. They’re not looking to waste time, either. Also, this can help you avoid getting a bad fit. Hiring someone under- or over-qualified for an intended position through a post which is vague can undermine the integrity of operations. Sometimes, you do have to hire because a position needs to be filled. But in a market as close as this one, being precise is wise. 


Compensation Must Be Competitive 

If you need someone in a position for something like compliance, for example, look into the available market, determine what competitors pay, and outdo them. You don’t necessarily have to do this in terms of salary; consider benefits and collateral positives like location. If you’re nearer than competitors, you can demonstrate travel savings over time which allow you to underbid in terms of salary while providing candidates greater profit annually. If you’re 30 minutes closer than a competitor, you save them an hour a day in commute. Be creative, consider all angles.   


Make the Hiring Process Less Complex  

Keep it simple! Make hiring something that doesn’t require multiple interviews and lengthy paperwork. Nobody likes a hassle. especially if that’s how they become introduced to your company.   


Acquiring Ideal Candidates 

Your MSP business will be more successful scouting the best tech talent with clear postings, competitive compensation, and optimized hiring procedures. It makes sense to consider your existing operational protocols and where upgrading them may be appropriate.  

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