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MSP Marketing | September 3, 2018

Maximizing MSP Marketing Through Content Repurposing 

MSP marketing can be costly, and it can additionally be incredibly effective. But you’re going to get more out of it if you take a strategic approach which starts from a goal of maximization. The idea is, you want to get the most out of all the marketing materials you produce. Several key ways to do this include:

• Turning existing content into videos or infographics
• Divvying up extensive content into multiple posts
• Expanding on old blogs via discussion 


Turning Existing Content into Videos or Infographics

Your MSP marketing can have a longer shelf-life than you may have expected. If you’ve got a particularly good bit of content, you might want to make a video out of it. If that’s too expensive or difficult to produce, another strategy might be designing an infographic–that is to say, a graphic with bullet point information and a visual element that’s easier to connect to. You might even consider making a little comic strip or tell stories with pictures in some way.


Divvying Up Extensive Content into Multiple Posts

If you’ve got a 1,500-word white paper, that can be divvied up into between three and fifteen individual pieces of content, depending on how the larger document is configured. You can do this incrementally after the big piece is published, releasing bits of it at intervals.


Expanding on Old Blogs via Discussion

Take an old blog which is no longer relevant but does include relevant technology attitudes and practices. Update that blog. Or, use it as a discussion point to show how things have changed. Basically, this is like in Hollywood when they do a “soft reboot” of a franchise. You’re essentially doing a remake of the content while injecting newer elements into its makeup.


More Effective Content Usage

Don’t let good content go to waste by not pursuing all possible value! In your MSP marketing, you can get more out of your content if you develop it with reuse in mind and consider what was good that could stand a reboot or second look.

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