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MSP Services | September 28, 2018

Managed Services Marketing Techniques to Build More Qualitative Customer Connections

In your managed services marketing, you need to take into account the relationship angle of sales. Especially in regard to MSP services, which cost more and are designed for long-term customer relationships, you need to consider each new prospect is essentially a new partner in a mutual enterprise benefiting you both. Provided your MSP is operating as advertised, you’ll bring value to clients which reduces their expenses and expands profit. Accordingly, they’ll grow and require more tech services, meaning they’ll continuously pay you more as you provide more value. In ideal conditions, you could plot this mathematically. The point is, first-time meetings could be the beginning of lifelong relationships, so you need to focus on facilitating strong connection at every opportunity. Several strategies to help do this include:  


  • Design outreach to fit clients
  • Be real–address client concerns
  • Emphasize personal, face-to-face outreach


Design Outreach to Fit Clients 

Your managed services marketing strategy shouldn’t try to force clients into its mold. Rather, you should mold marketing to fit clients. This means you’ll have to have individualized outreach and provision. You need to go after each client like a big game hunter stalking different prey. You wouldn’t hunt an elephant like a crocodile, would you? Well, hopefully not! It’s the same with, say, a local public education facility and a retailer. You’ve got to approach them separately in terms of strategy. 


Be Real–Address Client Concerns 

When concerns of prospects or clients are brought up, address them and try to reach a compromise. Sometimes, you can package something else in or give a discount, coupon, or deferred payment option. Be willing to negotiate and enter into discussions assuming you’ll have to. 


Emphasize Personal, Face-To-Face Outreach 

Lastly, ensure you actually meet with clients and treat them like human beings. Overzealous sellers are as bad as faceless ones; ensure you’re not in either camp. 


Optimized Marketing

A managed services marketing campaign incorporating personal, face-to-face interaction, addresses relevant concerns and personalizes outreach is prepared for greater success. Consider your existing procedures and whether you should make changes. 

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