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Managed Services Marketing | September 12, 2018

Ensuring SEO and Content Strategies Align for Effective Managed Services Marketing

Managed services marketing strategies shouldn’t be internally inconsistent. There shouldn’t be conflict reducing effectiveness; especially if that conflict is avoidable. You want SEO and content strategies working in concert with one another— this increases ROI. One way to do this is through “pillar” pages, which help you consolidate efforts. You get more done and don’t have to work so hard. Such optimization will usually incorporate these tactics:

  1. Complimentary Content

Managed services marketing needs to develop content which is naturally amenable to SEO optimization. Instead of writing an article and then trying to force-fit it into a mold that corresponds to search engine algorithms, design your content around the SEO tactics which will be most effective. So, if you’re selling cloud computing, look up the most popular cloud computing keywords, find the ones which pertain to your services, and then develop content accordingly.


  1. Accomplish More with Less

Here’s where “pillar” pages come into play. If you aren’t familiar, a pillar page basically provides comprehensive information concerning a specific aspect of operations. All this information is on a single page which is designed to anticipate and answer all inquiries pertaining to that subject. It can’t get too long, and you should allow it to be downloaded–this ensures your MSP retains a position at the top of prospect minds.


  1. Expanded Quality of Content

Complimentary content fleshing out pillar pages won’t do anything for your MSP if the content being optimized isn’t qualitative. You need to ensure you’re providing real value in what you’re giving prospects. Find their pain points. Use case studies to show how your MSP initiates true value and can eliminate hassles for their business.


Efficient Digital Marketing

A managed services marketing strategy is more successful if you work smarter, not harder. You can accomplish more with less and expand quality content through designing complimentary outreach which naturally facilitates SEO. By marrying the two, you decrease complication and maximize the effectiveness of your outreach.


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