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MSP blog | September 19, 2018

Elements of a Good MSP Blog Introduction

Your MSP Blog should draw readers in immediately, address issues relative to them, and actually impart valuable information. But even if you’ve got the best nuggets of wisdom at the center of your blog, nobody will reach them if introductions aren’t properly effective. Following are a few strategies to help you ensure introductory paragraphs draw in your readers; they include: 


  • Hooking
  • Preparation
  • Summarizing



First, an engaging MSP blog is going to “shoot the sheriff on the first page”. This is how a reader is drawn into a fictional narrative— some inciting incident forces them to move on and read the next page. Your blog needs to do the same. You might start off with a statistic which promises savings in conjunction with certain products and services, then use the volume of the blog to explain the how and why. Sometimes, a hook can be an advice against common issues–there are multiple kinds which stretch from multiple angles. Have multiple hooking strategies in mind. 



After you’ve hooked the reader, next you want to prepare them for that which they’ll encounter in the body of the writing. Part of what they encounter will be explaining a contention or thesis statement that demands to be explored further. 



How you summarize is basically going to be how you apply a thesis statement as alluded to earlier. Basically, you hook the reader, prepare them for what they’re going to read, then summarize the essential lesson in said thesis. Ideally, this summary should hit home for target demographics. Something like: “X products and services at X utility will save you $20k a year; following we’ll explain how”.  


Keep Them Reading 

If your MSP blog has a strong hook, properly prepares readers for the concepts of the larger piece, summarizes conclusions and has content which lives up to introductory expectations, you’re likely to establish increasing consumption of your content. More content consumption yields increased prospect conversion. Optimize blog introductions, and you’ll strengthen the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

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