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MSP Business | August 6, 2018

Working to Ensure Your MSP Business Doesn’t Wear Out Its Sales Team

When it comes to sales, your MSP business will likely hire personnel who may or may not be centered around technology. Certainly, it’s good to have a seller who intrinsically understands your technology solutions and has experience in something like software engineering. However, such individuals don’t tend to be sellers. Sellers are a different breed. But if you don’t manage this different breed correctly, you can bet they’ll underperform and possibly even leave you.

The following are some tips to keep them from getting worn out and establish both retention and increased sustainability over time:

Ensure Communications are Open

Your MSP business needs to keep its metaphorical finger close on the pulse of your operatives. Talk to them. Understand what is vexing and what isn’t— they’ll likely keep numbers. Pay attention to those numbers. Determine trends and how to alter, reverse, or encourage them. Be a good communicator and encourage dialogue that is as open as professionally possible.


Ensure that Goals of Your Company and Sellers are Attainable

The goals you give your sellers— and that sellers give themselves— should be realistic. Sure, it’s fine if a salesperson gives themselves a wild goal and pursues it for a while, but if their performance begins to lag, this could become very disheartening. You may want to encourage employees, at the outset, to be realistic; you should do the same yourself. Perhaps set a team goal 2% lower than what’s attainable and add a special incentive for the gap.


Shuffle Around the Workload to Reduce Repetitive Fallout

Tedium eviscerates imagination, motivation, satisfaction, and effectiveness. Manage sellers in rotation, shifting them about at intervals to different selling streams or responsibilities. This will help reduce tedium and will increase the likelihood of both seller retention and increased productivity.

An MSP business enabling sellers through tactics like workload diversity, realistic goals, and clear communications maintains seller stamina and effectiveness.

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