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IT Marketing | August 22, 2018

Several Ways to Boost IT Marketing Efficiency

IT marketing can easily procrastinate behind a veneer of perfectionism. You put off doing something important because conditions aren’t quite right. Well, sometimes, this will be a legitimate reason to delay. Other times, it won’t. 

The following are ideas to help you maintain forward marketing momentum even when it’s hard to see if a given outcome will develop. Yes, sometimes you do have to wait and go down other outreach avenues. But sometimes, you’re just fooling yourself.  When you’re in a pickle, consider these techniques: 


Low-Risk Experimentation 

IT marketing needs to exploit social media avenues like Twitter, but there are going to be techniques which work better than others. You want marketing professionals on your team continuously working to find the best means of reaching prospects and drawing them in. You might offer a discount for retweeting a relevant post, as an example. If you’re a business with a few thousand followers, and you’ve got a good enough offer, you will likely see a few hundred retweets. From there, work with internal staff, informing them to share the link as well. This opens it up to their network. Also, share on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. As you experiment with such techniques, keep close numbers and go with the choices that work. 


Re-Circulation of Existing Content 

Just because you’ve used something doesn’t mean you’ve used it up. Work with content producers to develop “evergreen” content— that is: information which is perpetually relevant. Not all content can be this way; technology is always changing. Some content will be continuously reusable, though. So, put it on a re-circulation schedule. 


Customize Your Twitter Backgrounds 

This may not seem like a big deal, but there is a lot of “advertising” space on the background of your Twitter account. The right picture can communicate volumes and additionally makes your page easier to recognize. 

IT marketing which maximizes utility of profile space on social media, recirculates good content, and experiments properly will see a positive spike in marketing effectiveness. 

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