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MSP Marketing | August 27, 2018

MSP Marketing Questions That Help Attract Clientele

Your MSP marketing tactics should consider things from the customer’s point of view. They’re looking to you for problem resolution in a way that’s affordable. They’re not looking to hear a bunch of features whose application is abstract at best, indecipherable at worst. They want to know how what you do can ease their operational difficulties. How can you reduce their challenges? You might consider a few probing questions that get the prospect thinking about it, such as: 


  • What do you and your CEO worry about most?
  • What will things look like in a year or so if you do nothing?
  • What if we put together X solution for you and proceeded next week?


What Do You and Your CEO Worry About Most? 

Your MSP marketing needs to identify common pain points for prospective clients, but you can’t do their thinking for them, and they want to know you’re listening. Ask prospects what issues are most disconcerting, and you’ll be able to figure out what sort of solutions you can provide to ease the operational pain point.  


What Will Things Look Like in a Year or so If You Do Nothing? 

Now that you’ve got the client thinking about operational issues, you can get them to think of a price point by projecting the existing situation out a year. Play your cards carefully enough, and you can get a target saving to hit. 


What If We Put Together X Solution for You and Proceeded Next Week? 

Once you’ve figured out pain points and prospective outcomes, you can take that data and spin it into a proposal which demonstrates the value of your MSP services. You can cap it by establishing a subsequent meeting for further discussion, clarification, or conversion. 


Positive Outcomes 

An MSP marketing strategy informed by inquisitive technique founded around listening and responding to client pain points is apt to expand rates of conversion. Consider which kinds of questions will be most valuable for your MSP to ask and how to best justify them with the rest of your outreach strategy.  

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