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MSP Marketing | August 3, 2018

MSP Marketing Lead Generation Techniques for B2B Sales

MSP marketing of a digital variety comes with numbers that recommend certain practices while discouraging others. What has developed over the past several years is this: SEO and other marketing that demonstrates certain strategies are superior. As tech innovation continues its forward march, increasing insights of this kind develop. In terms of B2B (business to business) sales, the following tactics have been shown to be effective lead generators:

Tracking and Reporting of Email and Other Outreach Techniques

MSP marketing should keep careful numbers and augment operations accordingly. In terms of email, you need to have tracking and reporting in effect which helps to determine how effective your marketing materials are to other businesses you’re looking to convert. You don’t want to become spam.


Defining a Target Audience and Making a List of Prospects

Know who you’re aiming for and practice hitting your mark. The best way to do this is to refine your target area down until you know where the bull’s eye is, metaphorically speaking. Figure out which B2B approach can best serve operational needs. A great way to do this is to consider your existing clients, who the best ones are, and who are most numerous among them. From there, define local demographics you can reach, and make a list of businesses who are most likely to benefit from that which you do.


Continually Designing and Disseminating Top-Tier Content

Disseminate at least 16 pieces of original content every month. Going as high as 50 is advisable— and maybe even higher, depending on the kind of content you design and how widely you distribute it among businesses. Use guest blogs, your website, and social media, and make arrangements with businesses you work with to spread your content— kill two birds with one stone.



MSP marketing has more tools available today than perhaps ever. Use them to refine your outreach efforts and produce more effective B2B sales.

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