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MSP Marketing | August 6, 2018

MSP Marketing and Customer Service: More Symbiotic Than You Realize

MSP marketing has a close relationship to your MSP’s customer service provisions. If you don’t exercise management of both toward the same ends, you’re going to have conflict or, at the very least, reduced potential for profitability. Additionally, cutting one or the other is a bad idea once your business is marching along in a sustainable way. 

Here are several tips to help you maximize the relationship between customer service and marketing:


Remember: Sellers are Customer Service Reps Too

MSP marketing should design advertising with customer service in mind. Sellers who are pitching to clients should additionally have such a mindset. It’s horrible customer service to offer products or service delivery boasts that are beyond your ability to provide as an MSP. Additionally, sellers shouldn’t try to continuously up-sell. Toss a suggestion out there, if the client “fish” doesn’t “bite”, don’t scare it away by dangling it in front of them until they swim off to another MSP “reef”, if you will.


Qualitative Customer Service and Marketing Make Clients Feel Special

Your clients don’t think of themselves as “just another customer” and neither should sellers or customer service reps. Build rapport and feed that rapport over time. Make your customers feel special, as though they’re the only ones you care about. This will make them want to stick around.


Ensure the Endgame is Loyalty

You’re trying to convert customers, yes; but this isn’t your endgame. Conversions can change their mind— any client can. But a client who has become integrated with your MSP is less likely to leave. Make all customer service and marketing strategies aligned in a way which facilitates long-term loyalty.

MSP marketing that operates with a long-term endgame of retention, makes clients feel special, and uses customer service ethic in selling, is more likely to convert and retain long-term clients. Accordingly, consider your existing strategies and perhaps revise if it’s necessary.

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