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Managed Services Marketing Tips: Don’t Be Too Pushy

Your managed services marketing is more effective if you are “there” but you’re not beating prospective clients over the head with your presence. You’ve got to “romance” them. You’ve got to make them accept your services. Granted, you can’t dive into somebody’s mind and force them to work with you. But you can structure outbound marketing such that it is enabled in this direction. Several ways to do this include the following considerations:  


  • Emails are good, but there’s a balance: don’t send too many
  • Calls should be made for more than just sales
  • Promoting yourself too much


Emails Are Good, But There’s a Balance: Don’t Send Too Many 

Make sure your managed services marketing should never be associated with spam. Spam is pernicious. It is junk mail. You want your outbound email marketing to be something prospects are happy to consider. Accordingly, don’t oversaturate. Each individual on your outbound lead list needs to be on rotation–you need to ensure you don’t pitch the same people more than once. Additionally, the more personalized you can make outreach, the better. 


Calls Should Be Made for More Than Just Sales 

Sales calls are annoying, but checking up on clientele to determine where they’re at isn’t always salesy and can give you information necessary in a successful pitch down the line. Certainly, there’s a place for sales calls; but you shouldn’t make every interaction with existing or prospective clients sales-related. 


Promoting Yourself Too Much 

Many MSPs focus on what they offer and how profitable they are rather than focusing on clients and how their products and services can help clients. It’s better to have client-centered focus than to sing your own praises loudly. Also, when others recommend you, it’s more powerful than when you recommend yourself. Reviews can be absolutely integral; have positive ones available. 


Finding Your Balance 

An effective managed services marketing strategy which incorporates strategic emails, calls clients for more reasons than strictly selling, and isn’t too self-promotional has a much higher chance of effectively converting and upselling clientele. 

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