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Managed Services Marketing | August 31, 2018

Managed Services Marketing Survey Questions to Increase Effectiveness

Managed services marketing often spins its wheels unnecessarily. You don’t know what is going on that impacts operations, so trial-and-error approaches are pursued— that wastes time and resources. A better approach is determining specific means you can successfully optimize. A great way to do this is to design surveys with questions that effectively assist you in finding the right forward direction. Several worth considering include: 


How Would You Rate Your Most Recent Experience with Our MSP? 

Managed services marketing can learn a lot by a client’s ranking. Oftentimes, there are haggling strategies in place which this question helps overcome. Imagine a marketplace where the buyer insists the seller is trying to pull one over on him, and accordingly refuses to budge on an under-bid on something. When he leaves, he brags about how awesome product X is, which he attained at Y price. However, when you ask a client to rate an experience after the fact, there’s no need to haggle. You’ll find some who acted indignantly liked what you do better than they let on, and some who seemed to appreciate you really didn’t. 


In What Ways Could We Have More Effectively Served You? 

Next, you need to provide clients with a means of informing you as to which service provisions they did or didn’t like. Sometimes you’ll be able to see certain clients have unrealistic expectations. Sometimes you’ll find they’ve got reasonable suggestions. 


Would You Recommend Us to Other Similar Businesses? 

If they would recommend you, they like you. If they wouldn’t, you may want to include a “why?” follow-up. Again, this is a way to get around conscious tactics to find the truth. 

Managed services marketing which educates itself through effective surveys can continuously optimize service provision to more appropriately meet client needs. This will likely induce expansion in loyal customers.

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