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MSP Business | August 8, 2018

Keeping Good Team Members Engaged In Your MSP Business

Your MSP business will do better with retention if employees are catered to as you yourself would be treated. Certainly, you can’t afford to treat the custodian like a CEO, but you can afford to work with him on his hours and the kind of cleaning tools he has access to, or maybe you outsource your custodian–but that’s not the point. The point is, from the lowest level employees to the highest level employees, you need to empower your team members. Engineering, installation, marketing, management, R&D–all your departments need to be enabled for success. It’s a continuing process, so what makes sense is getting started as soon as possible. Following are several ways to most effectively enable your employees:

  • Have a corporate culture that’s honest
  • Cultivate the small things
  • Career paths and benefits


Have a Corporate Culture That’s Honest

Your MSP business needs to establish a corporate culture which is straightforward, conducive, honest, and effective. This will take meetings that are extra-operational. Certainly, your core business directive is facilitation of tech services and provision of varying salable tech items. But to sell, support, and serve your clients, you must enable your team. Some team members will have unrealistic ideas pertaining to operational augmentations, some will be right on the money. Determine what works best, be straightforward about it, and let it come to define your MSP.


Cultivate the Small Things

Little things facilitate comfort in the day-to-day grind which is modern career success. Don’t eliminate them unless you absolutely have to. Remember Milton and “The Stapler” from Office Space. He burned that building down! A fictional example, but you get the point.


Career Paths and Benefits

Last but not least, give your team members benefits that are competitive and a place to go. Nobody wants to tread water professionally.


Enabled Success

Your MSP business will retain employees if you treat them right. Figure out how to establish your business culture, cultivate the little things, and facilitate a career path. These are substantial steps in the right direction.

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