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IT Sales Leads | August 8, 2018

IT Sales Leads Are All Different; Build a Framework, Not a Script

IT sales leads are like different takes on jazz melodies. If you’re unfamiliar, in classical jazz, there is a key progression which traipses through inverted chord arrangements but isn’t specific. Basically, the same progression is repeated and improvised upon.  

Sales is itself an art akin to jazz music–well, good selling is. You operate from a sort of skeletal script fleshed out as you interact with a prospect. So, though no two sales leads are the same, they do have similarities— they have a need you can fulfill. When you structure outreach, consider establishing a framework that allows you to flexibly address unique prospects. Consider these features of idiosyncrasy as you develop this framework: 


  • Leads derive from different places
  • Certain leads are smarter than others
  • Some leads have greater buying power, some don’t
  • Leads will have different price barriers
  • In some cases, no competition will be known; but not always


Playing a Strong Sales Tune 

IT sales leads should be interacted with through the utilization of frameworks grounded in flexibility. You want something like a script, but it shouldn’t be memorized and adhered to in robot fashion. It’s a roadmap or guideposts that help sellers keep their end-game in mind. This will help you deal with leads collected at trade shows, as well as unintentionally while out for lunch at a diner it turns out your prospect loves. 

You need to incorporate levels of education into selling strategies, as some leads are smarter than others. Have contingencies for when leads can’t pull the trigger on the sale. Have different levels of cost in service provision for diverse clients. Be prepared to combat competitive challenges from clients trying to eke the best deal from your MSP.  


Realistic Approaches 

IT sales leads are diverse, but they have one thing in common. Accordingly, you need to develop interactive strategies incorporating the same features. You need to have a framework, but it needs to be as flexible as those you’re trying to convert are unique. 

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