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IT Marketing | August 31, 2018

IT Marketing Tips to Help Maximize Content

Your IT marketing strategy must maximize content impact. There are many ways to do this, but you may be surprised that a number of these strategies simply involve optimizing what you already have to the max. Consider these tips:  


Ensure You Maximize Old Content 

It is common to overlook existing resources, but reusing old content is good for your IT marketing. If you’ve got a piece of content addressing the need to continuously upgrade security, such content may be perfect to reuse with a few tiny tweaks for modern needs. Additionally, the more “evergreen” your content, the more often you can reuse it. This makes designing content with the intention of future reuse core to effective strategy.   


Expand the Mediums Featuring Your Content 

You should additionally expand content beyond simple written boundaries. For example, you could take a 500-word piece and turn it into a quick one-minute YouTube video featuring statistics, pleasant music, and an engaging little voice over. That’s a pretty cost-effective way of maximizing content. You can edit the whole thing using free video editing software, then simply read the content over the visuals you’ve created. You may additionally expand to web-hosted radio or maybe just go the infographic route. Also, you could expand into mobile apps. 


Ensure Content Is Published and Promoted 

Certainly, you need to get your content out there, but if you don’t promote it, nobody knows it exists. Small-print publication agencies make their money through authors by understanding most writers don’t have the resources to promote their materials but will buy the books. Well, don’t be caught in such a trap. Publish your content and be fastidious about effectively promoting it across social media and wherever you can. 

IT marketing which maximizes existing content through reuse, expands mediums through which content is communicated, and properly promotes, is going to do a better job of getting the word out regarding your MSP. Consider what you’ve got and optimize as possible. 

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