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IT Marketing | August 20, 2018

IT Marketing Incorporating Emotional Strategy Maximizes Sales Interactions

IT marketing needs to remember the human component which comprises sales. Too often sellers get in their own heads, falling into an “us vs. them” mentality which ultimately ends up estranging prospects. A better way to go about things is to remember just what drives buyers. Consider these common emotional features of a tech sale: 



You’re always thankful when an endeavor is successfully accomplished in your favor. Those entertaining your IT marketing materials don’t want to shop around; they do it from necessity. If you can show direct value which prompts them into closing with you, they save time. If you save them time and money, lessening the chore of acquiring new services with an effective solution that yields value, such an outcome is apt to initiate gratitude. Gratitude is a great quality to find in sales prospects. If you can facilitate it early in the selling process, you’ll likely produce conversion. Convert them properly, and that gratitude extends into the sales relationship going forward. The best way to make it happen is to give prospects something to be thankful for. Showing the value of products or services is a prime way to do this. 



You can surprise prospects with the ability of certain services or products your MSP provides. Surprise has a delightful element to it that is easy to understand at a basic human level. Provided you can give prospects good surprises, you’re likely going to put them in an emotional state amenable to sales conversion. 



Your clients will necessarily have pain points which define their operation. A lot of those pain points can find relief through the panacea of your top-tier, cutting-edge tech services! Show them how, then give them relief. This initiates surprise and gratitude, likely facilitating a long-term customer. But you’ll have to keep providing that relief! 

IT marketing which converts clients based on emotional aspects of the human experience as related to technology has a higher propensity to retain them in the long run. 

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