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IT Marketing | August 1, 2018

IT Marketing: 3 Primary Rules in Educating Buyers

Your IT marketing campaign should educate potential clients to help them make informed decisions. This is easier to say than do. Following are three pillars of education to help you do this:


  • Ensure information is easy to find
  • Expedite education of buyers from beginning to end
  • Make what you do and how you do it readily apparent


Ensure Information is Easy to Find

You’ve got to make information easy to find. Buyers are subconsciously looking for one reason or another to avoid converting to a given suite of products or services. Everyone wants to save money.

Your site should have links sending potential buyers where they need to go. It should have quick information immediately available. That information should be presented in a way that’s easy for those who don’t have deep experience with technology to digest.


Expedite Education of Buyers from Beginning to End

From the beginning to the end of your IT marketing process, you need to be educating potential buyers. Wow them from the start. Show them how certain possibilities previously thought unattainable are easy to realize with your products or services. Especially as pertains to cloud computing, such tactics are effective.


Make What You Do and How You Do It Readily Apparent

If you provide tech services and/or products which essentially facilitate “turnkey” technology services, you need to show how this is possible, what mechanisms make it possible, and any other relevant data which may define such services. Cloud computing, continuous monitoring and support, management of mobile devices–these are all key to modern MSP provisions. Find ways of appraising prospective clients of these new innovations in a manner they can understand.


Better Education May Increase Conversions

An IT marketing campaign that is educational can make prospects make an informed decision concerning products and services. Educate as thoroughly and effectively as possible.

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