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IT Marketing | August 29, 2018

Designing Your Ideal IT Marketing Team for B2B Outreach

IT marketing teams are integral in facilitating successful outreach. You want to hire the right people for the right job. Following is a brief outline of what a forward hiring strategy may look like for your MSP: 


  • Hire for leadership and growth
  • Get three people for hard issues you can’t outsource
  • Further stratify your team with internal marketers as you expand


Hire for Leadership and Growth 

You should initially hire those who can lead and help your marketing grow in line with your company. You want people who could do all the marketing dirty work themselves but have transgressed beyond that point. These will help get a few marketing endeavors started, then help maintain them with additional hires as you experience ROI and your MSP expands. 


Get People for Hard Issues You Can’t Outsource 

As you’re starting out, much marketing will be outsourced. For example, you might want to work with agencies providing SEO solutions to produce content at intervals. There are going to be some things you cannot outsource; these will become evident. Work with leadership to find focal points and onboard staff as necessary for forward growth. 


Further Stratify Your Team with Internal Marketers as You Expand 

Once you’ve got the engine running, you need to keep fueling it as you drive down the road of IT marketing to destinations of ROI-rich profits. You’re going to drive nigh-continuously, so you’ll need fuel. Think of additional marketing professionals as that fuel while your operation expands. That said, supplementing with outsourced solutions is a very wise choice. Just be careful that those solutions you outsource are in a position of greatest effectiveness. 


A Continuously Effective Team 

Establish an IT marketing team which expands with your company and is more apt to reach a high level of effectiveness. Outsource when the time is right and ensure necessary internal positions have the right people in them.

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