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MSP Company | August 8, 2018

An MSP Company Following Up With Job Candidates Is More Sustainable

Your MSP company will do itself a disservice if applicants who aren’t chosen for a position are dismissed without further notice. This makes you faceless, impersonal, and perhaps less than human on a subconscious level. Those you’ve dismissed may think of you in terms which are less than favorable if they’re left hanging. Following up with job candidates is fundamental to operational viability. Following are additional considerations to that effect:

  • Necessary future team members
  • Cumulative professionalism comes back on you
  • Customers who really love what you do may apply with you


Necessary Future Team Members

Your MSP company will ideally grow. This means the runner-up for a position in your company may be the perfect person to hire once you’ve grown to a point where you could bring that individual on. If you haven’t followed up with them after an interview, they may think you had nothing for them, and write you off. If this has happened, when you contact them, they’ll either be unavailable or disinclined to accept your offering.


Cumulative Professionalism Comes Back On You 

You’ve got peers, competitors, clients, and vendors who those that you don’t hire will go to in order to acquire a position. If you are unprofessional with them, they will bring that memory into future employment. Imagine a young tech professional with a chip on his shoulder who gets hired for the competition. In contrast, following up helps dispel such sour grapes and will give you better reputation with collaterally operating professionals.


Customers Who Really Love What You Do May Apply With You

Some prospective employees have applied to your company because they love what you do on a customer level. If you don’t follow up with them, like a jilted lover, they’re apt to avoid interacting with you. A follow-up can be integral to keeping customers.


Preserving Reliability

For greatest sustainable operations, your MSP company needs to keep every avenue open in terms of maneuverability. Reaching out to prospective employees who didn’t quite make the cut provides this and collateral benefits professionally.

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