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MSP blog | August 22, 2018

An MSP Blog in The Niche World

An MSP Blog in The Niche World 

Your MSP blog will likely be more successful if it has a niche angle defining it. Since the late 80s, “niche” magazines catering to specific, subset demographics began to gain a foothold in the modern pop culture smorgasbord which characterizes modernity. As the internet came, this niche-centered content design exponentially grew, until today, going the niche route is the best way to do a lot of things in terms of marketing. 

The following are a few advantages which accompany this tactic: 


More Efficient Budgeting Against Larger Competitors 

Your MSP blog can help you contend with bigger companies who offer the same kind of services if it’s got a niche concentration. A Jiffy Lube can make its money primarily through oil changes and related services. A full-service garage can additionally do oil changes; but most people won’t go the full-service route, as it ends up being more expensive. Additionally, it’s seldom so swift as an auto facility specifically concerned with one aspect of vehicular maintenance. In the same way, your small startup can contend with the “big garages” out there, as it were. Use your blog to emphasize the specific services you excel at and ensure you’re better at them than anyone else. 


You Become Established as an Expert 

With a niche blog, those who are already clients, and those who are prospective clients, will likely get into a habit of referring to your blog. Become a resource and become an expert. This will carry along clients into the future. 


Niche-Concentration Facilitates Future Expansion 

When you’ve got a good niche-position secured, you’ll be more successful than competitors in that niche, which allows you to expand into related niches in terms of both service and marketing. It’s an upward spiral— provided you properly produce your niche-blog, and effectively provide advertised services. 

An MSP blog with a niche concentration will help your business retain and gain clientele, even while it assists you in establishing future service provision solutions. 

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