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MSP Business | July 3, 2018

Your MSP Business Must Listen to Customers for Best Success

Your MSP business is being talked about, even if you only have a handful of customers. A lot of that talk is going on across the web. If you want to serve your target demographic best, you must absorb such information wherever possible, and put it to use. Following are areas where you can recoup client opinions and thoughts pertaining to your MSP, allowing you to improve products and services: 


  • Keep an eye on social media–especially Twitter
  • Do searches using keywords and your business name
  • When customers talk to you, it is essential that you listen


Keep an Eye on Social Media–Especially Twitter 

Your MSP business needs to understand how information is disseminated across the web. Social media is key. Twitter especially helps you get insight into clients. They’re generally not going to post anything tepid on twitter. More likely, they’re only going to post on this site if they’re either especially interested in your products and services or miffed about something. Follow clients and prospects on Twitter to see how you’re performing. 


Do Searches Using Keywords and Your Business Name 

Oftentimes, Yelp reviews and the like may not show up on social media. Another tactic is to conduct searches online which incorporate keywords and your business’s name. These can additionally reveal information about what customers say regarding your business.  


When Customers Talk to You, It Is Essential That You Listen 

If you get contacted on the phone, by email, or through a third party, you’ve got to listen to what is being said. Customers are talking; they just want you to listen, so listen. Sometimes, they’ll misunderstand, but learning why a misunderstanding occurs is likewise essential.  



Give Customers What They Want As You Can 

Your MSP business will likely find, as it listens to customers, that many of the things they are saying can be easily fixed or are stemming from a simple misunderstanding. And occasionally, they’ll apprise you of a real issue. Regardless, listening and acting on what they say can definitely help your business. 

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