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IT Marketing | July 3, 2018

Understanding Competitors and How to Improve Your IT Marketing

Your IT marketing stands to inform itself effectively based on observation of the market, competitors, and your target clientele. There are always going to be areas where you can improve. Competitors will be better than you at some things, worse at others. What you want to do is figure out where you’ve got an advantage and emphasize that such that your disadvantages can be overcome by increased profit over time. Following are several things you can do to help you outperform competitors: 


  • Online visibility and reputation
  • Better relationship building
  • Improved technology


Online Visibility and Reputation 

Your IT marketing will have a digital profile over the web. The more visible you are, the greater your outreach. But if your reputation isn’t good, this could end up undermining you. Consider competitors that have greater visibility but may not be as successful as you. Why? Well, you may find clients don’t like the products or services they provide by reading reviews. You want visibility, but just as important as visibility in the long-run is overall reputation. The best way to build reputation is to be straightforward, honest, and legitimately reputable. 


Better Relationship Building 

Every client with whom you work is someone you’re in a relationship with. Any relationship takes work–there’s give and take. You need to be in a good relationship with clients. One of the best ways to do that is to listen to what they say and respond to sentiments in ways which are operationally viable. 


Improved Technology 

Technology is always on the march. Sometimes, you’re in a place where your only real hope is going to be upgrading your products and services ahead of other MSPs. Always be improving tech provisions as an MSP, and even if competitors outperform you, you stand to be in a place they can’t. 


Better Operations 

If your IT marketing is focused on improved technology, facilitating relationships, and focused both upon relationship and visibility on the web, it will likely increase your MSP’s competitive profile in the market. Consider your own operations and determine where such fixes are most effective.   

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