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MSP Business | July 16, 2018

Tips to Help Your MSP Business Navigate a Tough Labor Market

Your MSP business is going to come against many operational issues over time; there’s no avoiding them. You need the right kind of effective staff to deal with such issues. But before you can have such skilled team members, you’ve got to find them in a current labor pool that’s quite over-tapped. 

Here are tips to help you source the right personnel: 


Networking and Leverage 

One wise move for an MSP business looking to strengthen its labor pool is to network with vendors, peers, and competitors. You can leverage existing employees against sought ones in a number of ways. For example, you may need a programmer, and your competitor may be firing a programmer. If you’re networking with them, you could scout that individual, scooping them up before they hit unemployment ground and saving time and money. This is a more likely scenario with peers and allies than competitors, but it’s still a considerable tactic. 


An “In-Game” Interview 

When you interview new prospects, have them do some of the work they’ll be involved with while being part of your company. Have sellers sell, have engineers design. You might sit through a phone call with a candidate or have them answer the issue of a client with whom they’d be working in the near future. This can help give you an idea of their real skills, as opposed to the face they bring to an interview. 


Source Potentials Beforehand 

Always have a folder full of potential fits for your company based on their existing professional track-record and visibility. Additionally, ensure you’re always adding new entries to this folder. 

An MSP business that always has available candidates for hire will be able to fill gaps and expand personnel as scalability develops operational needs. Networking, leveraging needs, and conducting in-game interviews can additionally help you acquire the right people. Altogether, these tactics reduce the difficulty of finding employees in a tight labor pool. 

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