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MSP Company | July 3, 2018

Much of MSP Company Leads Will Come from Referrals

Your MSP company needs all the help it can get. A lot of your new clients will come from satisfied customers who refer you to someone in need of similar services. Don’t simply accept such referrals without acknowledgment. You want to send a thank you letter to the clients who do this for you–and maybe even more. You could offer them a discount for such services or even make referral something which provides clients an incentive. Tesla does this Your tech services stand to save clients much more money than the Tesla stands to save drivers, so use this reality to your advantage and design a referral program if you haven’t. Following are some tips to help you design effective referral thank you letters: 


  • Respond swiftly
  • Write in a direct way
  • No novels
  • Eliminate errors


Respond Swiftly 

Your MSP company needs to send thank you letters as soon as possible once you get a referral. If you can get it sent out the same day, that’s even better. This makes your client feel very good and demonstrates objectively that you care, which fosters your relationship with them. 


Write in a Direct Way 

Respond precisely to their referral. Who did they refer? For what services? Say exactly what happened and what you’re thanking them for so they can see how direct and sincere your response is. 


No Novels 

You’re not a Russian novelist. Keep your thank you letter short–your clients are busy. They don’t want to read a long letter, especially if they mete out multiple referrals. 


Eliminate Errors 

Ensure whatever thank you materials you send don’t have typographical errors or grammatical faux pas. This is the equivalent of “failing the dismount” in gymnastics. 


Increased Referrals 

An MSP company that truly cares about the clients and is diligent to show as much in terms of thank you letters is likely to have more internal clients refer them to new customers. Value referrals, send professional thank you letters and even provide referral incentives if possible. 

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