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MSP Company | July 4, 2018

Making Your Employees Feel That They’re Part of Your MSP Company

If you want your MSP company to perform the best, you must give it freedom to grow. People are not gears. They are not cogs. They are not interchangeable components in a machine. They’re individuals. Employees need to feel a sense of value and liberation even under discipline. This will facilitate greatest creativity and productivity over time. Following are tips to help you see these kinds of results: 


  • Fit employees to strengths
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Provide input opportunity


Fit Employees to Strengths 

Your MSP company needs to keep an eye on employees so it can properly determine skills. Keep in mind, some employees think they’re good at things they aren’t, and vice versa. You need to figure out the strengths of employees and fit them to positions where they can flourish.  


Delegate Responsibility  

As you see workers operate successfully within your company, it is essential that you give them greater responsibility. This facilitates a feeling of personal satisfaction, as it shows employees their direct worth. Find ways to give your workers increased responsibility that doesn’t overtax them but does help them feel like a more valued asset to your team. 


Provide Input Opportunity 

Employees who care are going to tell you their opinions. Sometimes, they’ll be wrong, sometimes they’ll be right. Granted, you don’t always have time to address every suggestion, but you should address as many as possible and ensure you don’t write them all off. Some suggestions may seem simple or counter-intuitive but could actually end up making your business more profitable. If all employees are encouraged to provide input, you’re more likely to see streamlined operation than if such input is discouraged. As a bonus, this facilitates a feeling of inclusion, increasing productivity. 


Key Personnel 

When your MSP company treats employees like key personnel rather than cogs in a machine, they’ll perform better. So include them, make them responsible, consider their input, and fit your staff to positions which help them flourish in their skill sets.  

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