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MSP Marketing | July 3, 2018

Learning How to Hone MSP Marketing in the Face of Rejection

Your MSP marketing solution will encounter times when existing clients reject you or prospective ones refuse conversion. There will be reasons behind this; some fair, some unfair. You’ve got to learn how to accept rejection and use it to improve. Following are several brief strategies that help you do this: 


  • It is about their business, not yours
  • Determine the heart of the issue
  • Improve based on what you find
  • Maintain professionalism


It Is About Their Business, Not Yours 

Your MSP marketing needs to advertise solutions for businesses. Remember: you’re the service provider, they need the service. They’re the customer, and they’re always right, even when they’re totally wrong. So, impart this attitude to your marketing team. 


Determine the Heart of the Issue 

What is at the core of a client or prospect’s rejection? Is it the way you package your services? Is it a lack of available services? Is it cost? Is it misunderstanding? Determine that which develops into rejection, and you’ll be better able to engage similar clientele in future. 


Improve Based on What You Find 

It’s not enough just to know what a given issue is. It’s likewise integral that you make improvements from that which you learn as you augment. If a customer thinks cloud computing involves actual suspended water molecules and rejects you because you don’t have a fog machine, well there’s not much you can do. But if they reject you because they don’t like your bundling options, then switch those to a-la-carte, perhaps. 


Maintain Professionalism 

Whatever you do, it’s absolutely integral that you stay as professional as possible throughout your entire sales process. You’re going to have your patience tested, but it’s not about you, it’s about them; learning to smile in the face of recrimination gives you strength and critical thinking skill. 



Increasing Conversions 

If your MSP marketing is gracefully rejected, learn from this happenstance, and you will likely make more conversions and retain clients longer. Optimize current rejection protocol and improve your overall operational efficiency. 

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