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MSP blog | July 25, 2018

How to Make Your MSP Blog Properly Visible

It’s okay to advertise your MSP blog directly. Granted, you want to ensure most of your outbound marketing concerns the products and services of your MSP, but your blog represents an important resource that can help those “on the fence” to make a more informed decision. What you want to do is ensure that your blog is visible in three prime areas of local outreach: 


Local Conventions 

Your MSP blog needs to be on display whenever you’ve got a convention of some variety on the near horizon. You should have materials that direct both peers and prospects to your blog. Additionally, you should use this opportunity to see what competitors are doing, and how to best contend with it. 


Local Media 

Television, radio, local access shows, and anything else which reaches those who are likely to be in your demographic should be utilized here. Research your local area to determine which media is most effective. It’s okay to go beyond local media, too; if your MSP becomes proficient enough, this will be necessary.  


Local Publications 

Newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, bulletin boards, pamphlets, business cards, and whatever you can use are all recommendable here. You want to be as ubiquitous as possible in this respect. There are likely going to be more local publications which would be willing to carry snippets of your blog, or even direct readers to it, than you may realize. Sometimes you can pay for the cost of such publication through trade arrangements as well. That is to say: you provide a magazine or newspaper certain IT services provided they carry part of your blog in a good location at recurrent intervals. Be creative here, you may be surprised what kind of arrangements can be reached. 

An MSP blog must utilize all digital means of outreach available, but these aren’t the only methods by which your materials may be promoted. Consider your local situation and where there may be marketing partners you hadn’t previously considered. 

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