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MSP Services | July 16, 2018

How a Properly Orchestrated Managed Services Marketing Helps Expand ROI

Managed services marketing with a specialty in MSP exposition can return high levels of ROI or none at all. A lot of it will depend on the marketing agency you work with, but there are additional factors which can be controlled for on your end. The right agency may even advise you of these from the get-go. Known ROI impediments include: 

 Stale Irrelevant Content 

Managed services marketing that writes about in-house server array maintenance when cloud computing is fast coming to replace this tech trend is misguided. Unless your niche-market concerns servers amidst cloud arrays, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. 

Even if your products or services aren’t the most cutting edge, show where you’re ahead of the rest, and write about that. You want relevant content that is fresh, not irrelevant data that is creeping past stale to rotten.  


An Unprofessional Veneer 

Professionalism is a funny thing. Sometimes the way you write— third, first, or second person— is a professional indicator; sometimes it isn’t. A good rule of thumb is that all situations have different professional standards, and these must become familiar to content creators before any content is designed. 

Use the right kind of language, be it trendy or otherwise, and always produce what you say you can, when you can. Don’t give potential clients false expectations. Consider existing blogs and peer content to get an idea of what will and won’t work. 


Boring Content 

 If your content isn’t interesting, it doesn’t matter how professional or relevant it is, it won’t be read. You’ve got to put some kind of spin on it which makes ingesting it agreeable to the demographic you’re trying to reach. 

 Managed services marketing that produces interesting, professional, fresh, relevant content will very likely see ROI increase accordingly. But you can’t just produce one piece of such content; you must be continuously developing yourself and your brand for greatest success. Consider existing content and determine where strategic refurbishment may be necessary. 

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