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IT Marketing | June 18, 2018

Why You Should Nurture Leads in Your IT Marketing

Your IT marketing strategy will have some leads that quickly develop into sales and some requiring constant nurturing to convert. Think of it like a child learning to walk before learning to run. Your prospects are born into your company’s service delivery suite upon conversion, and they grow with you over time. With that in mind, following are a few tips to help you effectively nurture leads: 


  • Avoid pushiness
  • Establish more than one means of contact
  • Group leads in terms of quality


Avoid Pushiness 


An IT marketing campaign that is pushy is going to push some clients away. As a matter of fact, it’s likely to push most clients away. You’ve got to avoid being pushy. What makes more sense is being accommodating, appropriately conversational in terms of professionalism and time constraints, and always able to provide answers to questions. When you follow up with prospects, you’re not a salesman–not until they ask or say the right thing.  


Establish More Than One Means of Contact 


Email, telephone, text message, snail mail, conventions, pop-ins, invitations, luncheons–there are many ways you can establish regular avenues of contact with potential leads. The more ways you have of contacting them, the more effectively you can nurture them without appearing pushy. 


Group Leads In Terms Of Quality 


Don’t waste your time chasing down leads that aren’t terribly qualitative. The larger your MSP gets, the more able you’ll be to handle smaller clients profitably, given proper saturation during fiscal cycles. But starting out, and even as you reach your “cruising altitude”, you’re going to want to focus on more lucrative clientele. Group leads by how ideal a fit they would be for your company in terms of profitability, culture, and interest. Next, ensure you contact them going down the list at least five times</a>.  



Easier Conversion 


An IT marketing campaign which qualifies leads in terms of their appropriateness, has multiple means of contacting prospects, and doesn’t ever come across pushy is going to be more successful in the lead nurturing process. Consider your existing protocols here whether optimization may be necessary.  


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