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IT Marketing | June 22, 2018

Sunday IT Marketing Strategies

MSP BusinessIT marketing oftentimes employs outbound email marketing to reach prospects. There are statistical models stipulating the most effective time to send such emails is between Tuesdays and Thursdays from the start of a workday to about 11 PM. A lot of automated emails are sent on a schedule, making it less complicated to reach large quotients of clientele effectively. Time and money are conserved.

Here’s the thing: such outbound marketing strategies have come to define the market, but it turns out there are other times you can send these materials effectively. One of the most effective times is actually over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

The Why Behind Weekend Email Marketing

The reason is engagement. During the weekends, people are less likely to open emails which hail from some email marketing campaign or other. However, they are more likely to engage with such emails if they open them. The reason is twofold. On the one hand, they’ve got more time to engage such emails on the weekend. The traditional grind isn’t either stealing their attention or lingering on the back-burner of their subconscious such that full engagement isn’t possible. On the other hand, oftentimes those in a position to purchase your products or services have a high likelihood of researching them on the weekends.



IT marketing which is considering using such a strategy should accordingly design solutions geared for a weekend readership. Make the content more engaging, ensure it has actionable facts and stats, and, if at all possible, try to conduct campaigns on a personalized level. Granted, this takes time; but if you add a more strategic approach to the way in which you market over the weekend, you’re more likely to net those “big fish” who are looking for just the kind of solutions your MSP provides.

IT marketing capitalizing on an increased likelihood of conversion through expanded engagement with weekend email marketing will likely see profit increase. Consider your existing email marketing and whether or not using such a weekend strategy makes sense for you.

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