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MSP Marketing | June 28, 2018

Overcoming Common MSP Marketing Challenges to Optimize Operations

Technology fixes many problems, but part of its progressive development requires competitiveness and continuous R&D. Accordingly, the market is not static; it is always in unpredictable flux. Remember Google Glass? Well, it’s in the past now; but it was once the “hot thing”. Google lost resources on that one–and they’re at the top of the IT food chain. No matter where you’re at in the industry, tech provision is difficult. Consider these marketing challenges which most MSP marketing teams contend with on a daily basis:

• Complex and shifting consumer patterns
• Continuous technological development
• Determining that which is effective

Complex and Shifting Consumer Patterns

Your MSP marketing must carefully collect and examine client data. Patterns of purchase shift with technological development. People aren’t buying desktop computers like they were because of the laptop, though desktops still have integral functions among many film and software companies. The market shifted. Now, cloud computing is facilitating DaaS (Device as a Service), which additionally will change buying patterns. A good game plan is working with agencies specializing in SEO. They can help you acquire actionable data to help inform outbound marketing efforts.

Continuous Technological Development

This has been said regularly, but it’s worth repeating for the purposes of understanding: technology predictably doubles on itself in terms of computational ability at distinct intervals. Gordon Moore first noticed this in 1965, and “Moore’s Law” has been observed ever since. Your marketing plan needs to incorporate tech doubling on itself about every 18 months.

Determining That Which Is Effective

Google Glass was a massive failure. So was the Sega Dreamcast. Operating systems, game systems, computers, IoT tech, cloud tech–sometimes it fails, sometimes it succeeds, sometimes one generation fails for the next to succeed. Knowing which technology “horse” to “back” in terms of marketing can very much be a bet. So, inform that bet by studying competitors and working with informed digital marketing solutions.

Better Marketing

An MSP marketing campaign which takes into account common challenges can better prepare to meet them. Determine what will challenge you and prepare beforehand.

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