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MSP Company | June 19, 2018

MSP Company Tips: How CIOs Can Solve the Talent Crisis

When CIOs are interviewed, most testify that the talent problem is what stands in the way of their business realizing its potential. Some question if it is prudent to provide IT employees with the opportunity to select the project and/or manager rather than assigning work directly to them. This approach makes it easier for an MSP company to connect with talented job-seekers who will continue to push tech forward and help businesses make the digital transition that much smoother.

Why Aren’t Businesses Addressing the Talent Shortage?

A survey conducted by Gartner CIO shows that businesses are not as proactive in filling their ranks one most would expect when there is a talent shortage. Nearly one-half of those surveyed identified as digital laggards of sorts that are not making any effort to innovate in the context of talent management. The bottom line is— digital business talent is limited. There are countless ideas as to how to tap into the expertise of these in-demand professionals. Those that implement a proactive stance will find it is that much easier to connect with talented professionals in a reasonable amount of time.

The Talent Crisis by the Numbers

The Gartner survey noted above found two-thirds of CIOs reported they believed there to be a minimal amount of talent. These professionals are worried that the problem is reaching the point of a crisis. These CIOs identified talent as the top barrier to reaching organizational goals. Culture was the third barrier, which makes sense, as it is deeply connected to talent. Do what it takes to bring the top talent aboard, and you will find just about every other aspect of your MSP company gets easier.

A Unique Approach Just Might Conquer the Talent Crisis

Those who adapt will succeed. Take chances, do what it takes to bring talent on board, be bold, and you will attract rainmaker employees sooner rather than later. This is exactly what you need to establish a reputation as a trailblazer, spearhead innovation, and build an MSP company revered for its dynamic capabilities.

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