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MSP Business | June 1, 2018

MSP Businesses Can Help Clients Scale Their Business

A partnership with an MSP business is something that all businesses should consider to be a part of their business’ growth. As an MSP you know business owners put a lot of effort to make their company successful. Finally, when the fruits of their efforts are beginning to show they may need to expand their premises or even move to a completely new location or create branches elsewhere. They need to do vendor management, cabling, phone, and Internet servicing all within a short amount of time. This is where your company steps up or steps in.


There is no way Their In house IT department can handle all of this in such a short amount of time. As their MSP provider it is your responsibility to assist in this transition. Their workforce needs more time to concentrate on the core business of their company rather than just worrying about IT issues. 

This is where MSP businesses such as yourself come in handy to assist businesses in scaling up their business. You can offer IT support, project management, and low costs, which are everything a company may need to scale their company successfully. 

Here’s some examples of how MSP businesses can help clients scale their business: 

Maximizing Cost Efficiency 

Your clients business has grown tremendously and, now, it’s time for them to move to a new location or open up a new branch elsewhere. That means that if they’re using in-house IT, they are going to need to hire more staff to handle the new premises. Hiring new people implies more cost output on the recruitment process, training, payroll, insurance, and overhead. Why should they go through all this trouble when they can simply use your MSP business? A reliable MSP such as yourself has enough already trained staff that’s ready to take up their new projects at a reasonable fee. Make sure your customers know to let the professionals worry about the build-outs while they concentrate on business scaling. 

Strategic Resources 

One of the dangers of In-house IT staff is that they may not see the big picture of strategic planning that businesses require for growth. businesses need someone who’s up-to-date with the changing trends in technology and one who’s adept at your refresh strategy and budget. That’s where your MSP business comes in because as you have a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO), or a strategy manager, who helps scale business in a sensible direction. 

Handling More Projects 

As a business grows, it means that there are more projects to be undertaken. That translates to the installation of new servers, contractors, construction cabling, workstations, and additional IT. This is the best part of client growth for you company. Contract on for both large projects and maintenance and they won’t have to juggle between multiple projects or hiring new IT staff, while your company will enjoy steady work for years to come: Win-Win.

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