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MSP Company | June 18, 2018

Inspiring Your MSP Company Staff During Meetings

You’ve got to have meetings, and nobody likes them. But your MSP company is constantly changing, and if you don’t disseminate new information, as well as policy, you’re not going to be operating at your true potential. Still, when companies have meetings, many feel that they lack focus and are essentially pointless. First, don’t have any more pointless meetings. Second, plan out meetings in terms of when you have them and what goes on during them. Following are three tips for effective meetings: 


  • Have realistic objectives
  • Design effective agendas
  • Stay focused


Have Realistic Objectives 


In terms of employee expectations of your MSP company and the goals of the meeting itself, you need to be realistic. If you ask too much during a weekly Monday scrum, then you may have to keep scrumming that direction for a few weeks until you hit the previous objective. This would indicate you need to re-think your objectives. Additionally, plan out your meeting, know what you need to discuss, and don’t drag things out if you’re done early. 


Design Effective Agendas 


Effective agendas will incorporate those attending the meeting in a meaningful way which justifies their attendance. It is good to have company-wide meetings, but say you’ve got a janitor on shift, and your meeting concerns engineering of server equipment. Unless he regularly cleans near the tech, that meeting may not concern him; he’ll feel it’s a waste. Likewise, marketing and engineering don’t have a lot of overlap. Figure out what kind of agendas fit attendees and organize meetings around such data. 


Stay Focused 


Focus can be difficult, especially when meetings concern hot-button issues. One way to keep focus is to set a timer for each portion of the agenda, except something needs deep discussion. Figure out the best approach for your business. Free coffee for everyone could be all you need–every MSP is different. 



Getting More Accomplished 


When your MSP company goes into meetings with clear objectives beforehand, follows a taut agenda, and retains focus, you’re likely to see greater success from them.  

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