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Increasing the Conversion Potential of Your Managed Services Marketing Content

Managed services marketing could take a page from the playbook of thriller authors and “kill the sheriff on the first page”. In the western areas, such an opening draws in the reader, making them want to read more. You need to design marketing which does the same. Several tips to help you enact this include: 


  • Very catchy headlines
  • Preview text that intrigues
  • Design copy for the medium it will be perceived on
  • Understand to whom you are writing


Very Catchy Headlines 

A good managed services marketing strategy includes designing headlines and snippets introducing content that are very catchy. For example, if you provide cloud computing services or things like DaaS (Device as a Service), then take the case study of the client you’ve saved the most money, and post that in a snippet, something like: “See how you can save $500k a year!”, or “Cut tech costs more than 50%!”, you get the idea. 


Preview Text That Intrigues 

Preview text is a snippet of the content you’re looking to parley. Include a chunk describing an issue, solving an issue, or something else that’s valuable, shareable, and intriguing. 


Design Copy for the Medium It Will Be Perceived On 

If you’re writing for the web, then write for the web. Include hyperlinks, include pictures, include videos, include comment sections. Find the most successful online content and copy its makeup. 


Understand to Whom You Are Writing 

Marketing will not be as successful if it is written without proper understanding of the audience to whom it caters. You need to know your readers, and write to them. Ideally, they’ll be your target demographic. 


 More Effective Copy 

A managed services marketing campaign which knows its audience, designs content for the medium it will be read from, has intriguing headlines and preview text, and is constructed with all care, will likely increase conversions over time. Working with an agency specializing in SEO and other online marketing solutions for MSPs can also help you use solutions like these to best effect. 

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