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MSP Business | June 22, 2018

Expediting New Hire Education Among Your MSP Business

Your MSP business should approach the issue strategically. Figure out which areas of your onboarding process are most apt to benefit from optimization. Four worth considering are: 


Ensuring Onboarding Objectives are Clear 

Your MSP business needs to have clear objectives pertaining to how you onboard new hires. When should they be independent of orientation? When can they be used to help onboard other employees? What kind of grace period should come? When do they need to start producing ROI for your business? Design objectives with ranges (four to five weeks, 20-30% recoup of ROI within X amount of time, etc.).  


Facilitating Strong Relationships Among Employees 

You need to have strong employees with those on your staff who are under you in terms of rank. Facilitate a professionally familial atmosphere and you should see as much communicated among employees to the degree that new hires additionally adopt such an attitude. 


Getting Feedback 

Ask HR, trainers, and new hires themselves about the efficacy of existing onboarding strategies, and where augmentation’s necessary. Sometimes they’ll give you good information on means of optimization, sometimes they’ll just complain. Not all feedback is good feedback; be discrete with what you acquire and apply it judiciously.  


Giving Them the Tools They Need to Succeed 

You need to provide new hires with proper tools which enable their success inside your MSP company. You didn’t hire them with the intention of flustering their professionalism through forced improvisation. Make it as streamlined as you can for your new hires, and they will likely become more productive members of your team with greater speed. 

Consider your existing onboarding protocols and determine where it would make sense to enhance them. An MSP business which enables its new hires for success by giving them the right tools, getting feedback on methods, facilitating positive relations, and ensuring objectives are clear is going to have a more effective onboarding process. 

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