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MSP Business | June 18, 2018

Encouraging Thought Leadership Throughout Your MSP Business

Your MSP business will act as a thought leader among other MSPs, clients, and internally, if you take a direct approach to facilitating such operation. The following are four tips to help you do this: 


  • Facilitate confidence
  • Get audiences involved
  • Honesty is platinum
  • Controversy isn’t always bad


Facilitate Confidence 


When you’re confident, that communicates understanding. Imagine a military commander of a mealy-mouthed character. Will that inspire the troops? With thought-leadership throughout your MSP, you’re in the same position. If you want your staff to follow you, you must be confident enough to be someone who can be followed. Sometimes confidence itself can turn a person unsuited to leadership into a community leader. Learn to be confident. 


Get Audiences Involved 


When you involve people who you’re addressing, this facilitates interaction; it’s a micro-relationship. When addressing groups, ask questions, get answers, and conduct things in a way that involves people. Do the same in outbound marketing for your MSP business. Encourage comments, discussions, discourse, and that which is appropriately viable professionally.  


Honesty is Platinum 


You can’t be a thought leader if it develops you’ve been deceptive. You may be able to survive a few infractions, but they’ll pile up on you quickly. Honesty is more valuable than gold in thought leadership— or platinum, really. It was thought leadership that made platinum a known precious metal, after all.  


Controversy isn’t Always Bad 


If you provoke controversy and are ultimately shown to be in the right, this looks really good. If you are in the wrong, provided you concede graciously, this additionally demonstrates honesty, involvement in the process, and confidence. It’s a win-win either way, so don’t skirt controversy because it can be unpleasant. Dive in and grow muscles in this area of interaction. 



An MSP business run by thought leaders will produce thought leaders, collaterally spreading this condition to vendors, peers, and competition. Your MSP will begin to lead the way for other MSPs. Thought leadership is in some ways the “tide that raises all ships”. 


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