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MSP Marketing | June 18, 2018

Don’t Be Taken in by MSP Marketing Myths!

MSP marketing is in a unique position in terms of modern innovations. Content marketing which uses SEO (search engine optimization) has become increasingly important. However, because of the prevalence of these new techniques, here are some myths which are worth understanding so they don’t mislead you:


  • Myth #1: Design of quality content isn’t hard
  • Myth #2: More content equals more reach
  • Myth #3: Quality writers are cheap and easy

Myth #1: Design of Quality Content Isn’t Hard


MSP marketing solutions which produce qualitative, SEO-optimized content aren’t easy. Skill in regular content design, understanding of how search engine algorithms work, writing ability, subject familiarity, research skills, time management, creativity, and fortitude are all fundamentally necessary to regular production of quality content. If you go the “cheap” route, you’re throwing money away. But if you work with agencies familiar to MSP needs in terms of digital marketing, you’re likely to get just the quality content your business needs.


Myth #2: More Content Equals More Reach


Content has to be qualitative to reach intended markets successfully. AI-spun clickbait gets relegated to tertiary search engine results pages (SERPs) quickly. SERPs are that which develop after you enter a query into the search bar of a given search engine. You need to be at the top of them all, as best you can. If your content is spammy, it won’t be. Additionally, if it’s made right, but it’s just not interesting, nobody is going to read it, which means nobody is going to share it.


Myth #3: Quality Writers are Cheap and Easy


Dependable content writers are hard to find, and they are a little pricier than many expect. Going piecemeal is going to be more expensive for an MSP than working with an agency specializing in qualitative content.



MSP marketing is likely to have a more effective impact should it have a realistic understanding of what quality marketing requires. So, don’t waste money by trying to get quality where there is none— budget for the right content.



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